Lawn Cutting in West Lothian

Having a great looking lawn is something that most homeowners aspire to. Being the envy of the neighbours thanks to your perfectly groomed turf is reason to be proud in itself, but did you know that there are actually several reasons why it’s important to ensure your lawn is mowed on a regular basis?

  • generates more healthy grass shoots which results in a more lush and healthy lawn over time.
  • Consistency in growth is crucial in maintaining a beautiful lawn.
  • Mulching can be done with shorter blades of grass. Returning shorter blades of grass to your lawn is much healthier than waiting until the grass is longer because the longer blades are weaker and less nutrient-rich.
  • The longer your lawn goes without love and care, the harder it is for your lawn to bounce back to tip-top shape.

Lawn Cutting Schedule

At GF Garden Services, we can agree a mowing schedule that will ensure your lawn is always looking at its best.

In addition to mowing, your lawn can also re-shaped and given a crisp sharp finish by manually carrying out sharper edging.  Applying regular feed treatments and appropriate machine work will also ensure your lawn is performing and showing to its best.

Lawn Cutting

All lawns benefit from regular mowing, not only does this make it look good, it also encourages healthy growth.

At GF Garden Services, we only ever use quality professional mowers to ensure that every cut is a quality one. All clippings are always removed from the lawn and the height of cut can be adjusted to your preference.

Whether you require a one-off cut or regular maintenance visits, you are guaranteed to receive a quality service.

Any surrounding footpaths and borders will also be cleared of any clippings before departure.


Following all cuts, the edges of your lawn will also be trimmed. Depending on size, this may be carried out manually or by machine. This will ensure that your lawn has a professional finish.

Arrangements can also be made to have your lawn edge re-defined or re-shaped.

Scrub and Uncontrolled Growth

For areas of the garden which have suffered neglect or have grown out of control, it will be possible to reduce the growth quickly back to ground level with a brushcutter.  Once this is done, it will help you to assess your options going forward.

Please note that before this work can be carried out, a ground inspection will be required to ensure that there is no covered debris which could cause damage to the machinery.